Ready Steady Skip

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Ready Steady Skip is a short film made by a community of friends in response to our continual amazement at the things we find in skips; to share what we experience of the staggering amounts of food waste seen by retailers as nothing more than a factor in the cost of doing business.

Ready Steady Skip is intended to raise awareness and outrage about food waste in an accessible and entertaining way.

The Bigger Picture

If people are choosing to act responsibly over their own environmental impact, we also need to bring into question the way we are sold food.

The supermarkets control over growers and producers dictate our buying habits. We‘re no longer aware of what is seasonal or local. We‘ve come to expect to be able to buy anything we like all year around. Fully stocked shelves as policy inevitably leads to large amounts of food reaching its “best before” date on the shelf.

It makes no sense for food to travel so far and consume so many limited resources, only to be fed to a British landfill or incinerator while it is still in good condition.

Skipping is only a part of how we live. It isn‘t a solution, but a small way to live within the problem.

The vast majority of people would never dream of heading round the back of a supermarket and going through the bins. Although we know a lot of people who do eat skipped food, that isn‘t enough to challenge the inherent waste that our food production system creates.

Change is needed.

We want to eliminate the culture of routine waste that is central to the pursuit of profit, by highlighting the true cost to the planet and also the injustice of throwing away millions of tons of food each year while so many people around the world go hungry.

We love skipping, but if Ready Steady Skip was 100% successful, skipping would be a thing of the past.

Watching this film won‘t bring down the system, but every little helps!

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